React/ive Javascript Pivot Table Control


Orb.js is a library that exposes a pivot grid control, a multi-dimensional data analysis tool. It's main features are:



Building a pivot grid

Create a configuration object (see orb.pgridwidget/Options):

var config = {
    dataSource: mysource,
    fields: [...],
    rows: [...],

Instantiate the pivot grid control using the config object:

var pgridw = new orb.pgridwidget(config);

Render it inside a container element:


Data refresh

To refresh bound data source, call:


newDataSource should conform to the dataSource option. The pivot grid will be rebuilt. Sorting, filtering, sub totals collaped state will be retained.


The pivot grid can be queried for its summarized data. For that, a query object should be created:

For these 2 cases, field captions can be used to query data in a readable manner.

For example, to query about the sales amount of 'Adventures Works' for 'Economic' goods:

var amount = query
     .Manufacturer('Adventure Works') // - slice Manufacturer dimension on 'Adventure Works' values
     .Class('Economy');               // - slice class dimension on 'Economy' values
     .Amount();                       // - get the amount (using the aggregate function defined in the options)
                                      //   of the sliced data.

A third possibility, is to query jsut an array of data:

var query = new orb.query(data);

var amount = query
     .slice(2, 'Adventure Works') // - slice 3rd (0 based indexing) field dimension on 'Adventure Works' values
     .slice(3, 'Economy');        // - slice 4th field dimension on 'Economy' values
     .sum(6);                     // - get 7th field sum of the sliced data.